Our Objectives

A collective voice

We act as a collective voice representing Social Enterprise in East Sussex

Working together

We facilitate positive collaboration within the Social Enterprise sector

Start, sustain and grow

We support Social Enterprises to start, sustain and scale their businesses

Our Current Work

A number of activities are underway to support these objectives

A collective voice

Developing an inclusive membership and governance structure for Social Enterprise East Sussex CIC
Carrying out an annual survey of the sector
Producing a Strategy for Social Enterprise in East Sussex

Working Together

Delivering an annual Social Enterprise Conference
Organising regular networking events across the county
Producing an online directory of Social Enterprises

Start, Sustain and Grow

Providing an online signposting service for support
Seeking out opportunities to fund capacity building activities
Developing an online matching service for peer-to-peer support

About us

Since 2013 we have been busy bringing social entrepreneurs together and promoting collaboration. We have held 16 networking events and worked with nearly 200 social enterprises.

In 2016 we will launch Social Enterprise East Sussex as a community interest company owned and run by its members. Social Enterprises large and small will be able to join as members and take positions on the management board. This is an important step in the structuring and sustainability of Social Enterprise East Sussex. We will soon be making a call for membership and expressions of interest to join the management board.

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